[Insensibles] Spagna, Francia, Portogallo,2012, 100′, col., DCP
di Juan Carlos Medina
Screenplay Juan Carlos Medina, Luiso Berdejo – Cinematography Alejandro Martínez – Editing Pedro Ribeiro – Music Johan Söderqvist – Visual FX Luis Tinoco – Cast Àlex Brendemühl, Derek de Lint, Irene Montalà, Tómas Lemarquis, Félix Gómez – Producer Antoine Simikine, François Cognard, Miguel Angel Faura – Production Les Films D’Antoine, Tobina Films, Roxbury Pictures – International Distribution: Elle Driver

Spain 1931, somewhere in the Pyrénées, children are born with an unknown disease. They are insensitive to physical pain and grow up with a deranged perception of human values. They are an uncontrollable danger, not only for themselves but for everybody around them as well. Spain, 2000. David and his soon-to-be wife Anais are in a terrible car accident. As sole survivor David doesn’t seem to be hurt, however, medical examinations show the presence of a lymphoma. His only chance of survival is a bone marrow transplantation. When David asks his parents for the bone marrow transplant, they have to confess the truth about him being adopted. All questions about his origins are met by a wall of silence and terror.

Of French and Spanish origin, Juan Carlos Medina spent part of his childhood in Spain before settling down in Nantes, where he attended a preparatory course for two years, in order to hold the test to enter La Fémis. He then began to write screenplays too, following film courses at the Sorbonne. Insensibles, his first feature, was shot during the summer of 2011.