No Gravity


Germania/Italia, 2012, 60’, col., HD
di Silvia Casalino
Sceneggiatura Silvia Casalino – Fotografia Siri Klug – Montaggio Elfe Brandenburger – Suono Johanna Herr – Produttore Inka Dewitz – Produzione Perfect Shot Films, ZDF Kleines Fernsehspiel – Sito ufficiale

In 1960, a non-official research program was initiated in the USA with the objective of sending 13 women to the moon. After one year of successful training, the 13 astronauts in the program were abruptly dismissed. None of the women from the Mercury 13 program, as it was known, ever went into space. The film will tell the stories of women who dedicated their lives to the space endeavour, establishing their position in the male-dominated world of space technology.