Italia, 2011, colore, 35 mm, 83′
di Raffaele Picchio
Sceneggiatura Gianluigi Perrone – Fotografia Daniele Poli – Montaggio Daniele Martinis – Musiche Riccardo Fassone – Interpreti Francesco Malcom, Andrea De Bruyn, Giuseppe Nitti, Valentina D’Andrea, Simone Ripanti – Sito ufficiale

In Rome, 73 B.C. Spartacus led a rebellion of 200 gladiators against the inhumanity that had forced upon them. During the riot they manage to resist Roman soldiers for a while – a few men against a whole army. Some go crazy, murdering, raping and inflicting all types of imaginable violence. Spartacus looked harshly upon this however, punishing these men with death. Now, whenever blood is shed on these lands, the men return.