The Show Must Go On


Croazia, 2010, colore, 35 mm, 80′
di Nevio Marasovic
Sceneggiatura Nevio Marasovic – Fotografia Damir Kudin – Montaggio Marko Ferkovic – Musiche Zeljko Marasovic – Interpreti Sven Medvesek Natasa Dorcic, Filip Juricic, Amar Bukvic, Franka Klaric, Mirna Medakovic – Distribuzione
Copycat Production House – Sito ufficiale

Zagreb ten years in the future. Filip Dogan is a successful and ambitious producer of the reality show named Housed which lasts for 180 days and during which six couples live in a house specially built for the purposes of the show. In the meantime, a global war breaks out and entire Europe is converted into a battle field. However, Filip tries to hide this from his contestants…

Nevio Marasovic was born on 1983 in Zagreb. In 2002, he enrolled in the Academy of Dramatic Arts. The Show Must Go On is his debut feature film, which won the Golden Arena for screenwriting and special effects, as well as the Breza Award for best debut. Apart from making movies, Nevio Marasovi? is a professional commercial spot director.