Nuclear Family


USA, 2011, colore, 35 mm, 95′
di Kyle Rankin
Sceneggiatura Kyle Rankin – Fotografia Michael Mayers – Montaggio Gabriel Thorburn – Musiche Steven Gutheinz – Interpreti Corin Nemecl, Ray Wise, Danielle Harris, Kinsey Packard, Sharon Lawrence – Distribuzione Vuguru LLC

Shot as a pilot presentation for a TV series, Nuclear Family starts with the story of a young couple, John and Lynn, who are trying to survive in the woods after what appears to be a nuclear holocaust. They stay on the move with their 11-year-old daughter, Pauline… all the while searching for their missing 8-year-old son, Grant. Meanwhile, society has collapsed, and the family must stay one step ahead of the Berserkers: lawless, wild, brutal men who rape, pillage and destroy as a way of life.

Kyle Rankin is a filmmaker from Portland, Maine, USA. He is based in Los Angeles working with Newborn Pictures. He co-directed The Battle of Shaker Heights through the second season of HBO’s Project Greenlight.