Technotise – Edit i ja


Serbia e Montenegro, 2009, colore, 35 mm, 100′
di Aleksa Gajic
Sceneggiatura Aleksa Gajic – Montaggio Nebojsa Andric, Marko Glusac – Musiche Boris Furduj, Slobodan Strumberger – Interpreti Igor Bugarski, Tatjana Djordjevic, Nikola Djuricko, Nebojsa Glogovac, Marija Karan – Distribuzione
Shoreline Entertainment – Sito ufficiale

In 2074, Edith, a psychology student, volunteers in a research center nursing an autistic mathematical genius, Abel. He has stopped communicating after he completed work on a formula that unifies all the forces in the Universe and therefore gives the absolute power. Her friend, Herb, implants into her a microchip bought on the black market, which should increase her intellectual capability by using the connection between her consciousness and sub-consciousness.

Aleksa Gajic born in 1974 in Belgrade, is a Serbian comics artist. Gajic is best known as the illustrator of “Scourge of the Gods” written by Valérie Mangin, and “Technotise”. Also, he is famous illustrator in Serbia, and has published in various magazines. Technotise is Aleksa Gaji?’s debut animated feature film.