GB, 2009, colore, HD, 80′
di Lawrence Gough
Sceneggiatura Colin O’Donnell – Fotografia Simon Tindall – Montaggio Anthony Ham – Musiche Stephen Hilton – Interpreti Neve McIntosh, Shaun Dooley, Linzey Cocker, Dean Andrews, Paul Opacic – Produttore Julie Lau – Distribuzione Jinga Films – Sito Ufficiale

When a shipping container washes ashore, its deadly cargo escapes to wreak havoc on a suburban neighborhood. Is this a terrorist attack or something more sinister? As the military enforce a quarantine, a mother must overcome all the odds to save her estranged daughter.

Lawrence Gough has previously directed various short films, winning awards including Best in the Northwest and Best Drama from Cornerhouse Cinema. He has taught filmmaking courses at both Liverpool and Manchester Universities