Belgio, 2007, colore, HDCAM, 75′
di Giles Daoust, Emmanuel Jespers
Sceneggiatura Giles Daoust, Emmanuel Jespers – Fotografia Bernard Vervoort & François Schmitt – Montaggio Laurent Hayot – Musiche Ernst W. Meinrath – Interpreti Mary Stockley, Felix Scott, Max Digby, Jason Morell, Peter Warnock – Produttore Giles Daoust,Emmanuel Jespers – Distribuzione Cinemavault Releasing International – Sito ufficiale

Kate Warner is a woman in her late twenties. She’s running her own startup, and has recently left her boyfriend Mike. One day, all her friends start being murdered… by their doubles. Even more frightening, Kate soon finds out that all the victims had some kind of metallic “artefact” implanted in their chest. Knowing that they are the next targets, Kate and Mike will have to reunite to try and stay alive. It is the beginning of their nerve-wrecking journey for survival…