Canada, 2007, colore, 35 mm, 120′
di Nicolas Roeg
Sceneggiatura Dan Weldon – Fotografia Nigel Willoughby – Montaggio Tony Palmer – Musiche Chris Crilly – Interpreti
Kelly Reilly, Miranda Richardson, Rita Tushingham, Oscar Pearce, Donald Sutherland – Produttori Paul Trijbits – Distribuzione Wild Bunch

Liffey, an ambitious young architect, moves to an isolated and eerie Irish valley to build a modern piece of architecture. The ruined cottage and land that she will use is a gift from her fiancé Richard, and is the former home of Molly, the elderly matriarch of a farming family living on the other side of the woods. Molly’s daughter is Mabs, herself mother of three girls and wife to farmer Tucker. Now in her forties, Mabs wants another baby – a boy to inherit the farm, or just to be pregnant again.