Cosmic Voyage


[Kosmicheskly Reis] URSS, 1936, b/n, muto, 35 mm, 70′
di Vasili Zhuravlev
Sceneggiatura Aleksandr Filimonov – Fotografia Aleksandr Galperin – Musiche Franz Liszt, A. Zapadenskii – Interpreti Sergei Komarov, K. Moskalenko, Vassili Gaponenko

The story of Pavel, a renegade space traveler. His voyage to the moon offers a startlingly realistic technological prophesy. Konstantin Tsiolkovsky, a seminal space-travel theoretician, served as the production’s science consultant (he was also the author of the film’s source novel, Outside the Earth) and drew up more than 30 detailed blueprints for the “rocketplane” featured in the film. There may be a rocket named after Stalin, but the film still reeks of anti-doctrinal individualism, doubtlessly accounting for Ukrainian-born Soviet filmmaker Zhuravlev’s sporadic postcosmic Voyage output.