Germany, 1927, b/n, 35 mm, 147′
di Fritz Lang
Sceneggiatura Fritz Lang, Thea von Harbou – Fotografia Karl Freund, Guenther Rittau – Musiche Gottfried Huppertz – Interpreti Brigitte helm, Alfred Abel, Gustav Froelich – Produttore Erich Pommer

Around the year 2000, a mammouth city is ruled by the super-efficient industrialist John Fredersen and, on the surface, appears to be a utopian dream. But underground it’s a different story; armies of slaves work gruelling shifts to maintain the luxurious lifestyles of their masters. The workers, a sub-uman species of sluggish creatures, are led by the “saintly” Maria, who urges them not to rebel. Fredersen kidnaps Maria and orders mad scientist, Rothwang, to create a robot replica to take her place. His plane is doomed when the evil mechanical Maria incites the massed workers to revolt and destroy everything in sight.