Zerosigma 1.0 “K>D>S”


Italia, 2006, Colore, Dvd, 10′
di Alex G. Raccuglia
Sceneggiatura Alex G. Raccuglia – Fotografia Antonio Labante, Claudia Maravalle – Montaggio Alex G. Raccuglia – Musica Alex G. Raccuglia – Interpreti Gabriele Spinelli

An empty house, a character: a twenty year old boy. Keen meets Drain, who is only a couple of years older than him. They are, physically, identical. Keen is planning to kill someone and wants Drain to help him. Keen is tough, angry and furious. Drain is disillusioned, tired and resigned. A third person then comes on the scene, Sigma, the person that Keen should kill. Sigma is identical to the two of them.