Tykho Moon


Francia, 1996, colore, 35 mm, 95′
di Enki Bilal
Sceneggiatura Enki Bilal, Dan Frank – Fotografia Eric Gautier – Montaggio Thierry Derodes – Musica Goran Vejvoda – Interpreti Julie Delpy, Johan Leysen, Michel Piccoli, Jean-Louis Trintignant – Produttore Maurice Bernart, Christoph Meyer-Weil

The McBee family has erected a government over a future ‘colony’. All male family members suffer from a mysterious disease and are in urgent need of organ transplants. The perfect donor, Tykho Moon, probably has been killed in a fire, but accordin to rumors he’s still alive. Although assassins stalk the family members, the McBees start a hunt for Tykho. Trying to escape the dragnet, Alex, a sculptor, meets Lena, akiller posing as a whore.