Bunker Palace Hotel


Francia, 1989, colore, 35 mm, 95′
di Enki Bilal
Sceneggiatura Enki Bilal, Pierre Christin – Fotografia Philippe Welt – Montaggio Thierry Derocles – Musiche
Arnaud Devos, Philippe Eidel – Interpreti Jean-Louis Trintignant, Carole Bouquet, Maria Schneider, Roger Dumas

In an imaginary dictatorship of a futuristic world, rebellion has broken out. The men in power scramble to the Bunker Palace Hotel, a bunker built long ago for just this kind of contingency. But a rebel spy sneaks in, and although her nature is very quickly suspected, she is left to observe the raving of the decadent power class, that keeps wondering what happened to their leader, who has failed to show up.