Daft Punk’s Electroma


Francia/Usa, 2006, colore, 35mm, 74′
di Thomas Bangalter, Guy Manuel De Homem-Christo
Sceneggiatura Thomas Bangalter, Guy Manuel De Homem-Christo, Paul Hahn, Cédric Hervet – Fotografia Thomas Bangalter – Montaggio Cédric Hervet – Musiche Brian Eno Curtis Mayfield Sebastien Tellier – Suono Gus Koven – Interpreti Peter Hurteau, Michael Reich, Athena Stamos – Produzione Daft Enterprises

The film is a psychedelic musical and visual odyssey based around the premise of two robots and their quest to become human. For what Electroma lacks in dialogue it is expected to make up for in an engrossing soundtrack and impressive visuals.