White Skin


[La peau blanche] Canada, 2004, colore, 35 mm, 90′
di Daniel Roby
Sceneggiatura Joe Champetier, Daniel Roby – Fotografia Eric Cayla – Montaggio François Bégin, Daniel Roby, Yvann Thibaudeau – Musiche Martin Lord – Interpreti Marc Parquet, Marianne Therien, Frédéric Pierre, Jessica Malka, Julie LeBreton – Sito ufficiale www.lapeaublanche.com

White Skin is a love story about two people as different as night and day. Thierry has just met Claire. He’s fallen deeply in love even though she has the only characteristic he dislikes in a woman: very white skin. Claire tries to discourage his advances but they are only drawn closer together. But when he realizes that it was Claire’s sister who savagely attacked Henri, his best friend, in a hotel, Thierry understands how little he knows about her and her mysterious blood ties.