First on the Moon


URRS, 2005, colore, 35 mm, 77′
di Alexey Fedorchenko
Sceneggiatura Alexander Gonorovsky, Ramil Yamaleev – Fotografia Anatoly Lesnikov – Montaggio Ludmila Zalozhneva – Musiche Sergey Sidelnikov – Interpreti Aleksei Anisimov, Viktoriya Ilyinskaya, Viktor Kotov, Andrei Osipov, Anatoli Otradnov – Distribuzione Sverdlovsk Film Studio – Sito ufficiale

It is the spring of 1938 and in the mountains of north of Chile a fiery UFO, later named ‘Chilean Sphere’, crashes. An investigation by a TV crew leads to a sensational discovery. It seems that before the Second World War in the USSR a secret space program had been developed. Soviet scientists and military authorities managed to launch the first spacecraft 23 years prior to Yury Gagarin’s flight! First on the Moon tells about the everyday life, heroic deeds and tragedy of the first group of Soviet cosmonauts. It’s the first ever Russian ‘mockumentary’ or ‘documentary fiction’ made.