Beneath Still Waters


Spagna, 2005, colore, 35 mm, 100′
di Brian Yuzna
Sceneggiatura Mike Hostench, Àngel Sala, Mattew Costello – Fotografia Johnny Yebra – Montaggio Nicolas Chaudeurge – Musiche Blair Jollands – Interpreti Michael Mckell, Raquel Meroño, Charlotte Salt, Patrick Gordon, Pilar Soto – Sito ufficiale

Two boys make a pact to do something brave, crazy and dangerous. They will see their town one last time before a lake floods it forever, burying it under the deep lake. Everyone’s been evacuated, only the eerie buildings remain, still hiding secrets that no one suspects. The two boys walk through the doomed ghost town. But the boys discover that the town isn’t quite deserted. And they are trapped as a massive wall of water crashes down on the town. Time passes, and the whispered secrets of the town have been long forgotten.