Austria, 2005, colore, 35 mm, 95′
di Marco Kalantari
Sceneggiatura Marco Kalantari, Nina Munk – Fotografia Thomas Benesch – Montaggio Emily Artmann, Norbert Stangl – Musiche Simon Raven – Interpreti Gabriela Benesch, Maria Bill, Verena Buratti, Ramin Dustdar, Florentin Groll – Sito ufficiale

Year 2078: the robot girl Ainoa is programmed to control the “great atomic war” of the past. Dr. Kerensky, who constructed her, understands his mistake and, in 2014, withdraws to an underground shelter with a group of friends. In 2071, they leave to find Ainoa and re-program her to stop the war in the past. They kidnap her, but only Yuri survives a government scheme to retrieve her. Ainoa begins to develop her sense of self. She learns to value and love life, which ultimately allows her to decide to act against her own programming.