The Park


Hong Kong, 2003, colore, 35 mm, 91′
di Andrew Lau
Sceneggiatura Yiu-Fai Law, Wah-Shum Lung – Fotografia Andrew Lau, Ng Man Ching – Montaggio Danny Pang, Curran Pang – Musiche Chan Kwong Wing – Interpreti Laila Boonysak, Bobo Chan, Jonhatan Cheung, Mattew Paul Dean, Kara Hui – Distribuzione Mediafilm

An amusement park is forced to shut down after a machinery malfunction causes a little girl’s death. Fourteen years later, rumors circulate that the deserted park is inhabited by ghosts. When a boy goes missing, his brother and six friends sneak into the park to search for him. Soon enough, they realize they are in for much than they bargained for.