Tempus Fugit


Spagna, 2003, colore, 35 mm, 90′
di Enric Folch
Sceneggiatura Albert Espinosa – Fotografia Andreu Rebes – Montaggio Ferran Roig – Musiche Alex Martinez – Interpreti Xavier Bertran, Neus Asensi, William Miller, Irene Montalà – Distribuzione Manga Films S.L., Mallerick Film

Ramon is a completely ordinary guy, he works as a watchmaker and doesn’t have the courage to talk to the beautiful woman he observes every day. Everything takes a dramatic change when all of a sudden, a tall, blonde and extremely mysterious stranger emerges that appears to have come from the future. And as if that weren’t complicated enough, Ramon doesn’t make things any easier for himself when he happens to try some pills the stranger brought with her that have the ability to bring a person back and forth in time.