One Point 0 (1.0)


USA, 2003, colore, 35 mm, 92′
di Jeff Renfroe, Marteinn Thorsson
Sceneggiatura Marteinn Thorsoon, Jeff Renfroe – Fotografia Christofer Soos – Montaggio Daniel Sadler, Troy Takaki – Musiche Terry Huud – Interpreti Jeremy Sisto, Deborah Kara Unger, Eugene Byrd, Udo Kier – Distribuzione Armada Picture, NoShame

Simon is a computer programmer who wakes one morning to find a plain brown package in his apartment. Despite attempts to secure his apartment, the mysterious packbages keep appearing. Simon becomes increasingly paranoid and susicious. When one of his neighbours turns up dead, Simon is pushed even closer to the edge. Plagued by hallucinations, he frantically searches for answers about the mysterious forces taking over his life..