The Year of the Sex Olympics


GB, 1968
di Michael Elliott
Sceneggiatura Nigel Kneale – Interpreti Leonard Rossiter, Suzanne Neve, Brian Coburn, Brian Cox, Derek Fowlds, Patricia Maynard, Wolfe Morris

Nigel Kneane’s futuristic parable demonstrates his abiding concerns with both current youth movements and the power of modern media, particularly television. In a Britain of the future, known as area 27, society is divided into the minority ‘high-drive’ people and the majority ‘low-drive’. The former use the voyeuristic pleasures of television, largely through pornography, to dull the most basic urges of the masses. When the sex shows begin to lose their impact, ‘The Live Life Show’ is inaugurated by Co-ordinator Ugo Priest, in which a family leave Area 27 to live on a remote and supposedly deserted island, and they are televised 24 hours a day doing so.