The Stone Tape


GB, 1981
di Peter Sasdy
Sceneggiatura Nigel Kneale – Interpreti Jane Asher, Michael Bryant, Ian Cuthbertson

Considered by many one of the key British science-fiction productions of the 1970s, this ghost story sees Nigel Kneane return to set science against the supernatural, a theme that he faced before in “The Quatermass and the Pit” from 1958-59. Originally comissioned by the BBC as a Christmas ghost story, “The Stone Tape” tells the tale of a group of researchers from an electronics company, who move to a house in the country to carry out a new method of recording. One of the basement rooms seems to be inhabited by ghosts and the team of researchers will discover that the very stones of the room are actually a potent means of recording which are sending three dimensional images from the past.