Space Off


Italia, 2002, colore, 21′
di Tino Franco
Sceneggiatura Tino Franco, Leonardo Fasoli – Fotografia Marcello Muro – Montaggio Luca Gazzolo – Musiche Giovanni Luisi – Interpreti Adrian McCourt, Jennifer Allen, Bruce McGuire, Eric Bassanesi, Rob Allyn, Denise McNee – Produzione Tino Franco

The near future: Man is about to land on Mars. GTN broadcasts its usual information – an entertainment programme to monitor the event. However, no news of the spaceship Centaurus and its crew has come for over a week. The journalist makes up a case out of this silence: what could have happened? Are the crew members alive? FInally there is a link with Centaurus…the captain announces a revolutionary scientific discovery but for the anchor-woman this news just isn’t sensational enough.