Life, the Universe and Douglas Adams


USA, 2002, colore, 77′
di Rick Mueller
Screenplay Rick Mueller – Editing Michael McCurry, Rick Mueller – Music Margo Buchanan, Peter Gabriel, David Gilmour, Robbie McIntosh – Cast Douglas Adams, Berkeley Breathed, Gary Brooker, Margo Buchanan, Sue Freestone, Neil Gaiman, Jane Garnier, Frank Halford, Simon Jones, Terry Jones, Chris Ogle, Robbie Stamp, Paul Wickens

This film, by Joel Greengrass and Rick Mueller, explores the details of Adam’s life in a warm, funny, loving way. Life is sentimental but never mushy and, while an obvious tribute to the man, it never becomes one of those insipid eulogies that seem to sprout overnight like fungi whenever a celebrity passes on.