The Man Who Could Work Miracles


[The Man Who Could Work Miracles] GB, 1936, b/n, 35 mm, 82′
di Lhotar Mendes
Sceneggiatura H.G. Wells dal suo racconto – Fotografia Harold Rosson – Montaggio Philip Charlot, William Hornbeck – Musiche Mischa Spoliansky – Interpreti Ralph Richardon, Roland Young, Joan Gardner

In the beginning, three celestial beings ask themselves what would happen if man could achieve miracles. So they decide to assign this power to “an average guy” and see what happens.
After an initial moment of euphoria, the chosen one is immediately annoyed by the selfish reactions of everyone around him and he gathers the leaders of the planet to ask for universal peace. Their request for more time is granted, literally, after he orders the planet to stop turning. But at this point the Gods are forced to intervene.