GB, 2002, colore, 35 mm, 108′
di Derek Hayes
Sceneggiatura Martin Lamb, Penelope Middelboe da leggende celtiche – Montaggio William Oswald – Musiche John Cale –
Interpreti Daniel Ewans, Jenny Livsey, Matthew Rhys, Ioan Gruffudd, Philip Madoc, Paul McGann, Lisa Palfrey, Robert Gwyndaf

An animated film based on an old Celtic story, “Y Mabinogi, the Stories of Young Men”. At the beginning we find three youngsters in Wales. It is one of their birthdays and they decide to go on a boat trip. Suddenly they notice something strange in the water and they realise that they have found the portal to “the other world”. The girl dives in, followed by her friends, and they’re transformed into cartoons, transported back through the centuries.