Balsamus l’uomo di Satana


Italia, 1968, colore, 35 mm, 99′
di Pupi Avati
Sceneggiatura Enzo Leonardo, Giorgio Celli, Pupi Avati – Fotografia Franco Delli Colli – Montaggio Enzo Micarelli –
Musiche Amedeo Tommasi – Interpreti Bob Tonelli, Greta Vaillant, Giulio Pizzirani, Gianni Cavina

Balsamus is a wizard of our time, who has the ability to perform miracles, something that is nevertheless exploited by his parents, who use his gift as a money making machine. Living in a beautiful country house, Balsamus receives a daily pilgrimage of people in need of his magical help: Girls in search of a husband, wives in need of fertility, ill people in search of a cure, come to him begging for help. During the night, virgins call his name, wanting to make love to him to obtain the award of the Gran Copta.