El cebo


Spagna, 1958, b/n, 35 mm, 105′
di Ladislao Vaida
Sceneggiatura Friedrich Diirrenmatt, Ladislao Vajda, Hans Jakobyl – Fotografia Enrique Guerner – Montaggio Hermann Seller, Julio Pena – Musiche Bruno Canfora – Interpreti Heinz Rtmhmann, Maria Rosa Salgado, Michel Simon, Ewald Balser, Gert Frobe

A terrible psychopath with the mental age of a child, grabs the attention of a group of girls by pretending to be a playful and joking magician, before killing them in the most gory of ways soon after. To lure the policeman who consequently investigates, the killer meticulously picks a beautiful angelic little girl as bait, thanks in part to the complicity of her mother, a beautiful and attractive widow.