[Az eröd] Ungheria, 1979, colore, 35 mm, 119′
di Miklós Szinetár
Sceneggiatura Miklós Szinetár – Fotografia Miklós Bíró – Montaggio Ferencné Szécsényi – Musiche Gábor Presser –
Interpreti Bella Tanai, Sándor Oszter, István Kovács, Jozsef Madaras, Jácint Juhász – Produttore Lajos Ovari

Apparently written by Hernadi for Miklos Jancso well before the release of Westworld (1973), this misanthropic fantasy about a holiday camp touches on similar topics. The establishment, located on a private estate, is called Victory Line and offers a special form of group entertainment. Bored tourists may come and organize Wargames, but they soon discover that the corpses produced are real ones, which causes a temporary panic before the survivors really get into the spirit of things. The proceedings often turn to black comedy and in the end the State steps in, closes the camp but recruits its female director to train commando units for a larger scale war. The ensemble acting of the holidaymakers is finely tuned and appropriately callous.