[Eolomea] East Germany / URSS/ Bulgaria, 1972, colore, 35mm, 82′
di Herrmann Zschoche
Sceneggiatura Willi Brückner – Fotografia Günter Jaeuthe – Montaggio Helga Gentz – Musiche Günther Fischer – Interpreti Cox Habbema, Ivan Andonov, Rolf Hoppe, Vsevolod Sanayev, Petar Slabakov – Produttore Dorothea Hildebrandt

The main theme – the discovery of an almost inaccessible extraterrestrial civilization – is the same as Solaris and 2001: A Space Odyssey, whose influence is omnipresent; Zschoche owes to 2001 its taste for models and abstract images, while it takes the idea of merging the futuristic scenes with episodes of everyday life from Solaris. If we, however, add the bizarre reference to Lelouche to the love scenes, the film looks like a collection of scenes that were shot previously, the work of a lonely cinephile. Yet the script, in its ambiguity, is very interesting: we see an astronaut who embarks on a a century-long journey, giving up his girlfriend – a very Stalinist ideal. However, we also notice that the reluctant land authorities battled to endorse the trip due to its extreme length, as it’s a base commander who wants to make first contact with the thinking beings that probably inhabit planet Eolomea, the objective of the expedition. Even the hero disobeys, and his girlfriend takes advantage of the situation in order to use the institutions according to her personal agenda. It is clear that, in the orthodox Stalinist sanctuary, East Germany is the traditional satirical element that mocks bureaucracy, helped a great deal by the science fiction genre.