GB, 1972, colore, 35mm, 92′
di Peter Sasdy
Sceneggiatura Clive Exton – Fotografia Kenneth Talbot – Montaggio Keith Palmer – Musica John Scott – Interpreti
Ian Bannen, Judy Geeson, John Paul – Produzione Tigon British Film Productions

Doctor Del Shaw is sent to the British island of Balfe by the Central Anti-Pollution Institute (better known as Doomwatch) to check the level of water pollution. Shaw immediately finds the suspicion of the villagers who never pair off together, apart from the teacher Victoria Brown, who moved to Balfe only two years before. Alarmed by some disturbing events that are proved during his investigation, Shaw discovers that some inhabitants of the town are affected by acromegalia, an illness caused by a hormone that physically changes the pituitary gland so that is doesn’t function, driving them to madness.