Ruusujen aika


A Time of Roses – Finland, 1969, b/w, 35mm, 108′
by Arto Tuominen, Ritva Vepsä, Tarja Markus
Script Risto Jarva, Jaakko Pakkasvirta, Peter von Bagh – Cinematography Antti Peippo – Editing Risto Jarva, Jukka Mannerkorpi, Lasse Naukkarinen – Music Kaj Chydenius, Henrik Otto Donner – Cast Arto Tuominen, Ritva Vepsä, Tarja Markus – Production Filminor

In the year 2011, historian Raimo Lappalainen wants to illustrate how life was 50 years earlier. He becomes obsessed with the fate of a 1970s nude model, Saara Turunen, and finds a perfect actress to reconstruct her life and death in front of a TV camera. Meanwhile, a strike at a nuclear plant is covered up by the media.
IMDb – Written by Markku Kuoppamäki