[As in Heaven, so on Earth]
Francesco Erba
taly, 2020, 92’, col., DCP
Sceneggiatura, Effetti Visivi /Screenplay, Visual Effects: Francesco Erba
Fotografia/Cinematography: Michel Tripepi
Montaggio/Editing: Alessio Rivellino
Musica/Music: Giovanni Scapecchi
Animazione, Produttori /Animation, Producers: Francesco Erba, Erika Russo
Interpreti/Cast: Paolo Ricci, Carlotta Rondana, Sara Paduano, Federico Cesari, Margherita Mannino, Ferdinando Spiniello, Ania Rizzi Bogdan, Katia Nani
Produzione/Production: La Stanza dei Mostri, Onda Videoproduzioni, Norne Studios, Deep Blue Art Center,
Baburka Production Factory

1275 A.D. A young girl is imprisoned in the dungeons of an abbey, where an alchemist uses her for his weird experiments. The only one who desperately tries to save her is a young amanuensis.
2011 A.D. A couple of teenagers, Cris and Jessy, disappears in the woods while a young woman dressed in rags appears from nowhere. During the initial investigation a strange manuscript resurfaces from a grave.
Present time. Leonardo, the police inspector in charge of investigating the case ot the missing teenagers, leaves a video will as his latest discoveries make him fear for his own life.