Egor Abramenko
Russia, 2020, 113’, col., DCP
Sceneggiatura/Screenplay Oleg Molovichko, Andrei Zolotarev
Fotografia/Cinematography Maxim Zhukov
Montaggio/Editing Alexander Puzyrev, Egor Tarasenko
Suono/Sound Flysound
Musica/Music Oleg Karpachev
Effetti visivi/Visual Effects Main Road Post
Interpreti/Cast Oksana Akinshina, Pyotr Fyodorov, Fyodor Bondarchuk, Anton Vasilyev
Produttori/Producers Mikhail Vrubel, Aleksandr Andryushenko, Fyodor Bondarchuk, Ilya Stewart, Murad Osmann, Pavel Burya, Vyacheslav Murugov
Produzione/Production Vodorod Pictures, Art Pictures Studio, Hype Film, Cinema Fund, NMG Studio, CTC Network
Distribuzione internazionale /International Distribution Art Pictures Distribution
Distribuzione italiana /Italian Distribution Koch Media

It’s 1983. At the final stage of reentry, Mission Control loses contact with the manned spacecraft Orbit-4, which disappears off the radar. Nonetheless, the spacecraft manages to land. Onboard it, rescuers discover the mutilated body of the expedition commander, while the other crew member is found alive. The cosmonaut is held in a secret scientific institute and placed under constant observation. Neuropsychologist Tatiana Klimova is brought in to diagnose why the cosmonaut retains no memory of the tragedy onboard the space capsule. But she soon sees with her own eyes the strange and terrible creature that conceals itself within the body of the cosmonaut.