Liam O’Donnell
UK, Lithuania, Spain, 2020, 111’, col., DCP
Sceneggiatura/Screenplay Liam O’Donnell
Fotografia/Cinematography Alain Duplantier
Montaggio/Editing Barrett Heathcote
Musica/Music Ram Khatabakhsh
Supervisore agli effetti visivi /VFX Supervisor Thomas Loeder
Interpreti/Cast Lindsey Morgan, Jonathan Howard, Daniel Bernhardt, Rhona Mitra, Yayan Ruhian
Produttori/Producers Greg Strause, Colin Strause, Matthew Chausse, Liam O’Donnell
Produzione/Production Gifflar (Patriot) Films
Distribuzione internazionale /International Distribution Highland Film Group
Distribuzione italiana /Italian Distribution Blue Swan Entertainment

Several years have now passed since other-worldly blue lights first descended from the skies. The once-killer extraterrestrials known as ‘Pilots’ have had their biology altered so they can now peacefully coexist with humans on Earth. When a lethal new alien virus emerges, military commander General Radford warns that without action the Pilots will revert to their unstoppable, human-hunting form. To save the Earth, super- powered human-alien hybrid Captain Rose Corley must lead a team of elite soldiers on a deadly mission beyond the far reaches of space to the alien planet known as Cobalt 1. This time, to save our world, we must invade theirs.