Péter Bergendy
Hungary, 2020, 116’, col., DCP
Sceneggiatura/Screenplay Piros Zánkay
Fotografia/Cinematography András Nagy
Montaggio/Editing István Király
Suono/Sound Gábor Balázs
Musica/Music Attila Pacsay
Interpreti/Cast Viktor Klem, Fruzsina Hais, Judit Schell
Produttori/Producers Ábel Köves, Tamás Lajos
Produzione/Production Szupermodern Studio
Distribuzione internazionale /International
Distribution National Film Institute Hungary

As a result of the destruction caused by World War I and the Spanish Flu, countless spirits have become stranded in our world. Tomás, a young, wandering, postmortem photographer, ends up in a small Hungarian village during
the freezing winter of 1918, after meeting a ten-year-old orphan girl, Anna. But as he becomes more closely acquainted with the life of the place, he feels increasingly like he must escape it. Only a vision in the night and the certainty that ghosts exist, makes Tomás return to the village. He decides that with the help of the instruments at his disposal, he will investigate the ghosts’ intentions and will find a way to get free of them.