Yeon Sang-ho
South Korea, 2020, 115’, col., DCP
Sceneggiatura/Screenplay Park Joo-Suk, Yeon Sang-ho
Fotografia/Cinematography Lee Hyung-deok
Montaggio/Editing Yang Jin-mo
Musica/Music Mowg
Interpreti/Cast Gang Dong-won, Lee Jung-hyun, Kwon Hae-hyo
Produttori/Producers Lee Dong-ha
Produzione/Production Redpeter Films
Distribuzione internazionale /International Distribution Next Entertainment World
Distribuzione italiana /Italian Distribution Tucker Film

When the zombie outbreak swept the entire nation, Jung-seok barely escaped South Korea alive. While living a life of despair in Hong Kong, he receives an enticing offer to return to the quarantined peninsula. His mission is to retrieve an abandoned truck in the middle of Seoul within a time limit and escape the peninsula silently. But his operation goes haywire when a mysterious militia known as Unit 631 ambushes Jung-seok’s small team, as well as even more vicious hordes of zombies. In his most desperate moment, Min-jung’s family saves him and he plans one last chance to escape the peninsula once and for all.