Fernando Spiner
Argentina, 2020, 96’, col., HD
Sceneggiatura/Screenplay Fernando Spiner, Eva Benito, Pablo De Santis
Fotografia/Cinematography Claudio Beiza
Montaggio/Editing Alejandro Parysow
Suono/Sound Sebastián González
Musica/Music Natalia Spiner
Supervisore agli effettivi visivi /VFX Supervisor Tomás Pernich
Interpreti/Cast Belén Blanco, Daniel Fanego, Diego Velázquez, Analía Couceyro
Produttori/Producers Fernando Spiner, Magdalena Schavelzon
Produzione/Production Boya Films
Distribuzione internazionale / International Distribution FilmSharks

Ana returns to Buenos Aires from Italy to sort out some matter regarding her inheritance, as her father has died in her absence. Whilst searching through his things, she locates his close friend Dr. Benedetti, who tries to convince her he has discovered the doorway to a new dimension through which she could visit her dead father. Ana is convinced it is all a scam until she reaches the threshold of a revelation that will completely change her life.