[Comment je suis devenu super-héros]
Douglas Attal
France, 2020, 97’, col., DCP
Sceneggiatura/Screenplay Douglas Attal, Cédric Anger, Gérald Bronner, Charlotte Sansor, Mélissa Godet
Fotografia/Cinematography Nicolas Loir
Montaggio/Editing Francis Vesin
Musica/Music Nino Vella, Adrien Prévost
Interpreti/Cast Pio Marmaï, Benoît Poelvoorde, Leïla Bekhti, Vimala Pons
Produttori/Producers Alain Attal, Marie Jardillier, Emma Javeaux
Produzione/Production Trésor Films
Distribuzione internazionale /International Distribution Kinology

Paris 2020. Men and women with extraordinary abilities live perfectly integrated among the rest of the population. Soon, however, a mysterious substance starts to spread, providing superpowers to people who until then did not possess any. In lights of escalating incidents, two police officers, lieutenants Moreau and Schaltzmann, are tasked with the investigation. With the help of Monté-Carlo and Callista, two former superheroes, they will do everything in their power to dismantle the criminal network behind the drug. But as Moreau’s past resurfaces, the investigation takes a surprising turn…