OPEN DAY – meetings, seminars and networking

Fantastic Film Forum 2020

Fantastic Film Forum
Monday 2nd November 2020

OPEN DAY – meetings, seminars and networking

The Open Day has always been the high point of the Fantastic Film Forum, and this year it will resume the formulation and structure of the past editions, with a programme of conferences and panels with professionals from the ambit and a B2B session to further explore experiences and contacts.

In accordance with the focus of edition 2020, the programme of events offers a first part focused on internationalisation and co-production, and a second one centred on the issue of promotion and sales.

All events will be held online and in English



Meetings of the day

On the road to internationalisation/1
Creative Europe 2021-2027: priorities and trends of the next MEDIA Programme
If 2020 has been an unprecedented year of crisis, 2021 offers great opportunities of revitalisation and development. Indeed, in 2021 the new seven-years plan of Creative Europe will start, the main tool for supporting European co-operation in the field of culture and audiovisual industry. With this meeting we want to take stock of the new programme and of the opportunities and actions fostered by the European Institutions

The webinar will take place in Italian only

Speaker: Silvia Sandrone, Project Officer, Creative Europe Desk Italy (Torino)

Case study
On the road to internationalisation/2
The Case “Propaganda Italia”
The tool of international co-production has nowadays become imperative within contemporary cinema industry. However, there are not many people in Italy who use it systematically – and even fewer who apply it to the production of genre cinema. With three international co-productions in the last two years (two of which are in development), Propaganda Italia is one of the most dynamic companies of the new generation. A meeting with the CEO Mattia Oddone to discover its philosophy and production policies.

Speaker: Mattia Oddone, CEO, Propaganda Italia (Italy)

Distribution and sales/1
Browsing in the VoD: challenges and opportunities of digital distribution from an aggregator’s point of view
VoD and streaming platforms are in constant and strong expansion, and offer great opportunities both to users and producers of audiovisual products. But how does digital distribution work? What features and opportunities does it hold? An overview of one of the most dynamic sectors of contemporary audiovisual industry from the privileged point of view of one of the major international aggregators, Under the Milky Way.

Speaker: Aleksandra Czyz, Digital distribution manager Italy and UK, Under the Milky Way (France)

Round table
Distribution and sales/2
How to promote and sell a film: the point of view of sales agents
Sales agents constitute a crucial turning point in cinema industry: there is nobody better at explaining how to sell an audiovisual product. A meeting with different European sales agents, to understand the processes of international market and most important of all the strategies to sell one’s product at best.

Confirmed Speakers: Matteo Lovadina, CEO, Reel Suspects (France); Gaetano Maiorino, Managing Director & Head of Acquisitions, True Colours (Italy)

10.00-12.30 + 14.00-18.00
One-to-one meeting session
One-to-one meetings among accredited professionals and a selection of specifically chosen decision-makers and consultants. 30 minutes slots (to be booked) which will be held on an online platform. Among the confirmed attendees (in updating):

Todd Brown (Head of International Acquisitions, XYZ Films); Dario Vecchiato (Head of Acquisitions, Gapbusters); Iseult Mac Call (Buyer, RAI Cinema); Brendan McCarthy (Producer, Fantastic Films); Aleksandra Czyz (Digital distribution manager Italy and UK, Under the Milky Way); James Fler (Buyer, Raven Banner); Jessica Harrop (Head of Production & Executive Producer, Sandbox Films); Pauline Mazenod (Head of Acquisitions & Sales, Windrose); Paul Lewis (Conference Director, World Congress of Science & Factual Producers); Markus Nikel (International Consultant, Global Media Consulting); Matteo Lovadina (CEO, Reel Suspects); Gaetano Maiorino (Managing Director & Head of Acquisitions, True Colours); Patrizia Mancini (International Development Executive, Sunny Side of the Doc); Silvia Sandrone (Project Officer, Creative Europe Desk Italia); Christine Reisen (International Documentary Consultant and Vice-Chair of EURASF); Massimo Arvat (Producer, Zenit Arti Audiovisive); Wolfgang Haberl, (Chair EURASF); Monica Bartoli (Commissioning Editor coordinator, Rai Documentari); Mikko Aromaa (Head of Acquisitions, Nught Visions Distribution); Laurent Filliung (Programmer, ARTE); Karlo Funk (Sales & Acquisitions Manager, Eeter Docs); Alberto Marini (Writer & Producer, Rebelion Terrestre Films)

How can I join the Open Day of the Fantastic Film Forum?

All the events of the Fantastic Film Forum 2020 are online.
Access is exclusively reserved to those possessing the Sci-Fi Pro accreditation, available in two options:

Accreditation Industry SCI-FI PRO plus
It gives access to conferences, meetings, to the Science Doc Day and to the B2B meetings. Registration is required on the festival’s website through Eventival.
Price: € 35,00, partners € 20,00. Only for EURASF members: free accreditation

Accreditation Industry SCI-FI PRO
It gives access to conferences and meetings. Free access with required registration on the festival’s website through Eventival.

WorkshopMake your project international: co-production and selling
Registration is required on the festival’s website through Eventival (bank transfer and PayPal).
Price: € 55,00, partners € 30,00
Registration to the workshop includes Accreditation Industry SCI-FI PRO plus with access to all the events of the Fantastic Film Forum

List of partners: professionals and companies of Friuli-Venezia Giulia; AGICI members (Associazione Generali Industrie Cine-Audiovisive Indipendenti); Doc/It members