[The New World]
Adelmo Togliani
Italy, 2020, 15′,DCP

Sceneggiatura/Screenplay: Adelmo Togliani
Fotografia/Cinematography: Stefano Tramacere
Montaggio/Editing: Roberto Mencherini
Musica/Music: Enrico Morezzi
Effetti Speciali/Special FX: Mirko Mauro Milizia
Interpreti/Cast: Giorgia Surina, Giorgio Consoli, Kateryna Korchynska
Produttori/Producers: Laura Beretta, Adelmo Togliani, Gregorio Mariggio
Produzione/Production: Santa Ponsa Film, Accademia Togliani
Distribuzione/Distribution: prem1ere film distribution

Next future. People no longer communicate, except within a virtual reality called Néo Kósmo. This ‘parallel’ world can only be accessed by connecting through virtual reality helmets. In a bourgeois family composed of father, mother and two teenage children, a real process of dissociation from reality is taking place. Parents and children they spend whole days on the New World: they work, study, meet up. Absolute silence reigns in the house.
Alésia, the family’s android-atmosphere, realizing that the process of social drift is irreversible, is intent on protecting the family’s youngest child, not yet initiated into the new dimension.