Manuel Hüttner
Austria, 2019, 10′,DCP

Sceneggiatura/Screenplay: Manuel Hüttner
Fotografia, Produttore/Cinematography, Producer: Martin Reicht
Montaggio/Editing: David Gesslbauer
Musica/Music: Valentin Milan Grbic
Effetti Visivi/Visual Effects: Florian Grünberger
Effetti Speciali/Special FX: Debora Waltl
Interpreti/Cast: Tamara Semzov, Michael Rast, Benjamin Bliemegger
Produzione, Distribuzione/Production, Distribution: Fruit Media

In a dystopian vision of the future, a mysterious secret agent is lost on a mission. When her commanding division picks her up again, they perform a series of tests in a harsh government facility. They find something’s missing from her memories.