The Restrictor [Kontrolløren]


Norway, 2017, 15’
anteprima italiana/italian premiere
by Jade Harem Aksnes
Sceneggiatura, Montaggio/Screenplay, Editing: Jade Harem Aksnes – Fotografia/Cinematography: Michael Smith – Musica/Music: Arne Nordheim, The Aller Varste – Interpreti/Cast: Olaf Heggdal, Julian Harem Aksnes, Beate Rostin – Produttori/Producers: Siv Aksnes, Niels Peter Harem – Produzione/Production: Zarepta Film Production

Happiness is scarce, and must be monitored. Each citizen is given a monthly ration of joy, intravenously – excessive use is punished. When the authorities introduce the ultimate punishment for excessive use, the restrictor Albert faces an impossible choice.