Rain Catcher


UK, 2018, 16’
anteprima italiana/italian premiere
by Michele Fiascaris
Sceneggiatura/Screenplay: Michele Fiascaris, Filippo Polesel – Fotografia/Cinematography: Evgeny Sinelnikov – Montaggio/Editing: Michael Coppola – Musica/Music: Robin Schlochtermeier – Interpreti/Cast: Dudley O’Shaughnessy, Joanne Hartley, Marcus Taylor – Produttori/Producers: Michele Fiascaris, Filippo Polesel, Alessio Bergamo – Produzione/Production: Yellow Pill, Shorts on Tap

We follow a young photographer, an outcast simply known as ‘Rain Catcher’. New in town, he captures the haunting beauty of his new home: the notorious Barbican estate in London. Suddenly, ‘Rain Catcher’ notices a sinister and mysterious man appearing in all his photographs. Blent-in with the crowd or sneaking from a distant window, this shady character is always staring intensely into camera.