Blind Sun


France, Greece 2015, 88’
by Joyce A. Nashawati
Sceneggiatura/Screenplay Joyce A. Nashawati – Fotografia/Cinematography Yorgos Arvanitis – Montaggio/Editing
Sebastien Prangère – Musica/Music Cedric ‘Pilooski’ Marszewski, Pierrot Casanova – Interpreti/Cast
Ashraf Idriss, Yannis Stankoglou, Mimi Denissi, Louis-Do de Lencquesaing – Produttori/Producers Fenia Cossovitsa, Philippe Akoka, Alain Peyrollaz, Vincent Brançon, Lionel Guedj, Dominique Marzotto – Produzione/Production
Blonde Audiovisuel Production, Good Lap Production, To Be Continued Productions – Distribuzione Internazionale
/International Distribution Reel Suspects

During a scorching summer in Greece, tensions run high as water shortages worsen and power cuts are on the rise. The state enacts strict measures to cope with the heat wave and, in what seems to be an off kilter, near-future dystopia, the stage is set for a disturbing story of psychological and environmental collapse. Ashraf is a foreigner with a simple job: house-sitting a French expat’s seaside villa on a lonely stretch of the coast. Or at least it seems like a simple job, until a sadistic police o cer takes away his residence permit, leaving him stranded in a hostile country.