Almost Dead


Italy, 2016, 85’
by Giorgio Bruno
Sceneggiatura/Screenplay Giorgio Bruno, Davide Chiara, Daniele Pace – Fotografia/Cinematography Angelo Stramaglia – Montaggio/Editing Angelo D’Agata – Musica/Music Massimo Filippini – Interpreti/Cast Aylin Prandi, Sean James
Sutton, Geo Johnson – Produttori/Producers Giorgio Bruno, Emanuele Moretti, Salvatore Lizzio – Produzione/Production Explorer Entertainment, Olivia Film – Distribuzione Internazionale/International Distribution
Phoenix Worldwide Entertainment

A car crash puts the life of doctor Hope Walsh back into her hands, together with the survival of all mankind, struck by a widespread infective epidemic which turns people into zombies.
After the accident, Hope regains consciousness in her car, and in a state of total amnesia is left with only six hours time to nd the serum that will stop the virus, which has already infected her body through the bite of a zombie.