Vera Bes


Italy, 2014, 24 ep., 192’ (previsto/estimated), col., HD
di Francesco Mazza
Sceneggiatura/Screenplay Francesco Mazza, Riccardo Milanesi – Fotografia/Cinematography Davide Crippa – Montaggio/Editing Roberto Burdaglio – Musica/Music Luca Tozzi – Interpreti/Cast – Gaia Scodellaro, Nathan Macchioni, Sistiana Love, Federico Buffa – Produzione/Production Zodiac Active

Vera Bes is a girl with a special power: using the tecnique of “lucid dreams” leant by her grandmother, she is capable to get into people’s dreams. That’s why, although everybody knows her as a talented tattooer, in her spare time Vera becomes a “dream consultant”: anybody affected by a recurring nightmare can come by her studio for a free visit. But Vera has a further motivation: finding and killing the evil presence who murdered her grandmother.