F*ck the Zombies


Italy, 2014, 20’, col., HD
di Daniele Barbiero
Sceneggiatura/Screenplay Daniele Barbiero, Luca Nicolai – Fotografia/Cinematography Andrea Reitano – Montaggio/Editing Gianluca Conca – Musica/Music Matteo Marciano, Gianluca Conca – Interpreti/ Cast Stefano Pattii, Germano Gentile, Vincenzo Alfieri, Tommaso Arnaldi, Claudia Genolini, Cosma Brussani, Raffaele De Vita – Produzione/Production Convergent Cloud

In the suburbs of an American city, two gangs of youngsters are about to get into a fight, when they are attacked by a zombie. After killing him, they realize he was only one of many. Their daring escape takes them to seek refuge in their old high school campus. But once they shut the gates behind them, they realize that a great number of zombies have already entered the campus, and they will need to start a gory battle to exterminate them, while waiting for an unlikely rescue.